Tyrolean Arming sword

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Sword and scabbard from the statue of St George at St Wolfgang by Michael Pacher 1471-81.

Stiff diamond section blade with 7mm spine.
Gilt steel fittings. Subtle S shaped cross guard with roped decoration. Twisted lobed pommel with raised ribs. Timber grip with leather over cord risers and gilt brass pins. Steel wire turks head sits below the first hand position. A twin layered rain guard with spiral gilt brass rivets.

Scabbard is thin leather over profiled timber core with 4 very small risers running along the length front and back. Suspension is my interpretation of what the statue shows. A waist belt that buckles at the front and a second leg strap that buckles on the outside of the scabbard. This buckle appears to be damaged on the statue.

Blade Length: 36 1/4 Inches
Weight: 1235g
Balance point: 5 3/8 Inches


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