Magyar Sabre

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A reproduction of the 10th Century Magyar sabre held in the the Imperial treasury Vienna. This sabre is also know as Charlemagnes sabre. All of the decoration has been faithfully copied from the original sabre and scabbard. The mounts were then engraved and the background chased with small O s before being gilded and held in place with small gilded nails. It has been meticulously hand crafted using the techniques of the time. The blade has been produced from german steel, with a 6mm spine and distal taper down to 3mm. Then hand polished and the fuller engraved and gilt. The grip is of Elm covered with Ray skin and gilt mounts. The guard has been raised from a single piece of sheet metal carefully put over an iron matrix while the pommel has been raised from a single piece of sheet. Manufacturing the fittings for the sabre in this way means that is is possible to get a weight very close to the original sabre. The scabbard is of Poplar with leather and then the gilded mounts and hinged suspension loops.

Blade Length: 30 inches, Weight sabre: 627g, Weight scabbard: 487g


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