Macedonian Aspis

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A Macedonian Aspis of a Hypaspist or Royal Body Guard. Based on the fragmentary example found at Vegora, Northern Greece, from the Reign of King Antigonus II Gonatas (277-240 B.C.) and inscribed with his name in ancient Greek. The Original is now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece. Because so little of this facing remains a second more intact facing that of a similar Aspis of PHARNAKES II of Pontus found in Northern Anatolia (present day Turkey) and on display at the Getty Villa, LA USA was used as a basis for the saw toothed pattern around the circumference of the facing that is folded around the timber core to secure it. This facing has been made in copper (Only because we have not been able to find a source of Bronze sheet in a large enough width) The core is of laminated and turned Poplar with a layer of linen to reinforce it under the facing. Bronze Furniture completes the Aspis.

Weight: 6.7kg Diameter: 65cm


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