Korfu Kopis

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Kopis closely copied from the Korfu Kopis with a few missing details supplied by the Kopis in the National Archaeological Museum Athens.

Hand forged high carbon steel blade with stiff medial rib. Both the primary cutting edge and back edge have been sharpened.
The grip in the form of a water bird with its long bill extending up to protect the fingers is forged hollow from Iron sheet to maintain the same weight and balance as the original. There is a 25g difference between this reproduction and the Korfu Kopis. Given the material losses that the original piece would suffered this is a realistic weight.
The scabbard is a slim timber core covered with leather the iron furniture blued to match the hilt while the throat is ebonised timber carved to received to the guard neatly.
The baldric is composed to two woven woollen cords aligned with leather keepers as depicted in numerous sculptures, even the texture of the cords can be discerned in the better preserved marbles.


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