Combination flanged mace

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ID 768

Based on an example preserved at the Veste Coburg Collection. All components are heat treated spring steel with copper brazed construction. All parts of this mace are hand polished.
The top spike is activated with centrifugal force and depressing the button between the flanges allows it to be retracted. Below the pierced dome shaped rondel is a second button depressing this allows a concealed rondel dagger to we drawn from the shaft. The concealed dagger was never a part of the veste Coburg mace, the Idea was borrowed from a cavalry hammer in the Rothenburg collection.

Length with top spike extended: 26 inches
Length of mace: 22 Inches
Blade length of rondel dagger: 8 5/8 Inches
Weight of whole: 1030g
Weight of rondel dagger: 200g


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