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01 January 2010

Sword and Scabbard

Catalogue ID: 554

Description Sword most likely Germanic third quarter of the 13th C, scabbard of Spanish design. Sword based on Oakeshotts XIIIb.2 the blade is of flattened hex section with a narrow fuller in the forte. The leather over timber grip has a gentle central swelling. The pommel has a Roman coin inset in each face. The scabbard has been copied from that of Fernando de la Cerda 1270. It is of typical leather over timber core construction and finished with a brass U shaped chape. Sword $820 Scabbard $480

Blade Length: 30 & 1/2 inches Weight: 1074 g Balance point: 4 & 1/2 inches

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  • Keyword 1200-1300AD, German

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