Crescent Pommel Set

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01 January 2010

Crescent Pommel Set

Catalogue ID: 622

Description A Sword and Dagger with Bronze crescent pommel and guard based on illustrations in the Maciejowski Bible, 1250 France. Oxblood leather over timber grips. Both blades are satin finished 1075 Steel, the dagger blade is a flattened diamond section and the sword an Oakeshott type XII. Sword $790 Dagger $320

Sword Blade Length: 30 3/8 Inches Weight: 1315g Balance Point: 4 Inches in front of guard Dagger Blade Length: 10 7/8 Inches Weight: 470g Balance Point: 1inch in front of guard

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  • Keyword 1200-1300AD, French

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