13th C Sword With Type Xiia Blade

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31 December 2009

13th C Sword with type XIIa blade

Catalogue ID: 406

Description 6mm spine with distal taper to 2mm at tip. Deeply fullered, lightly hollow ground blade. Cross guard forged from spring steel, fittings blued same as fuller. Walnut grip with gilded brass ferrules. Leather over timber scabbard as shown with gilded brass chape. $1250 sword $750 scabbard

blade length 38 inches weight 1355 grams Balance point 6 1/2 inches from front of cross guard

Price $2,000.00 excluding GST (Non-Australian residents)

Price $2,200.00 including GST (Australian residents)

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  • Keyword 1200-1300AD, French

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