Bronze Montefortino Helm

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31 December 2009

Bronze Montefortino Helm

Catalogue ID: 624

Description This reproduction is based on an example from the Axel Guttmann collection, Italian 4th to mid 3rd Century B.C.. This type of helmet was typically cast and consequently quite heavy (2.01 kg in this case). This reproduction has been fabricated for a lighter weight and some of the decoration at the bottom border has been simplified. Fabricated in two pieces edged with a reposse band and roped border, the top surmounted with a decorated knob, gracefully curving down into the body of the helmet. The cheek plates are hinged on iron pins and all the rivets are iron like the original helm. The leather strapping is permanently fixed at the back of the helm and crosses over under the wearers chin clipping over the lugs in the cheek plates. They provide an excellent fastening method that is both secure and quick to take on and off.

Weight: 1250g

Price $1,720.00 excluding GST (Non-Australian residents)

Price $1,892.00 including GST (Australian residents)

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