German Pole Axe

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31 December 2009

German Pole axe

Catalogue ID: 542

Description German Pole axe middle of the 15th Century fully assembled and hafted. Based on an example in the Wallace Collection. All of the components of this pole axe have been forged from HC steel and some fabricated together with modern methods. Axe blade, hammer back and spike have all been hardened and tempered. The pole axe is composed of the same components as the original, the axe head, spike and integral primary langets and additional secondary langets.

Total Length: 82 inches Length of head and langets: 41 inches Hafted weight: 2.6 Kg Length of cutting edge: 6 1/2 inches

Price $1,250.00 excluding GST (Non-Australian residents)

Price $1,375.00 including GST (Australian residents)

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  • Keyword 1450-1500AD, German

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