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31 December 2009


Catalogue ID: 626

Description A Xiphos based on those found at Vergina. The grip plates and pommel are carved from antler. The guard assembled from two carefully shaped iron plates that fit over the grip and snuggly join the scabbard throat. The blade is a satin finished flattened diamond section. The scabbard is leather over a timber core with synthetic ivory throat and chape. The baldric is hand woven wool finished with integral tassels.

Blade Length: 20 & 1/8 inches Balance Point: 5.5 inches Weight of Xiphos : 676g Weight of Scabbard 318g

Price $1,800.00 excluding GST (Non-Australian residents)

Price $1,980.00 including GST (Australian residents)

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  • Keyword 360-140BC, Greek

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