Iron Antenna Sword

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31 December 2009

Iron Antenna sword

Catalogue ID: 618

Description Iron antenna sword with scabbard copied from the original found in the cemetery at Alcacer do sal Lisbon, now residing in the Museu Nacionlal de Arqueologia. This sword of type IV is dated to the 4th Century B.C. it has an acutely pointed blade with twin fullers running parallel to the cutting edges and merging to a point. The hilt is constructed form hollow steel sheet giving an exceptional balance and feel. The Timber cored scabbard is covered with leather and iron furniture. The throat decorated with silver inlay.

Blade Length:18 1/4 inches Weight: 800g Balance Point: 2 3/4 inches

Price $2,128.00 excluding GST (Non-Australian residents)

Price $2,340.80 including GST (Australian residents)

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  • Keyword 360-140BC, Spanish

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